I began writing stories and poems as soon as I learned how to string letters together to form words. And ever since I started to write, I’ve been honing the craft of writing.

Though I hold a Ph.D. in English today, the very first things I wrote were actually in Russian. This is because I grew up in a family where Russian was the language spoken at home. My bilingual upbringing has deepened my understanding of both Russian and English, and expanded my ability as a writer.

Today I write exclusively in English. In addition to stories and poems, I have produced articles, essays, white papers, blog posts, travelogues, a Ph.D. dissertation, a book on Renaissance-era utopias, and more.

Copy and Business Writing

Due to my training in journalism, I excel at enriching the content of blog posts, articles, case studies, and white papers. I specialize in using my writing skills to weave information and quotes into a compelling story. The next story I tell could be yours!


I am certified by the American Translators Association (ATA) as a translator from Russian into English, with a specialty in literary translation. I am listed as co-translator on four English translations of contemporary Russian novels published by Glagoslav Ltd. I also specialize in quality assurance editing, ensuring that an English translation is faithful to the meaning and tone of the original Russian.

Hire me

Writing is my passion! Let me put my expertise to work for you by contacting me here.